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Change Is Most Often Unnoticed

In the past decade or so great strides have been made in computer modeling and simulation, biochemistry, the physical abilities of scientists to observe matter at ultra small sizes, and the understanding of human health and diseases. Everyone who reads this post has surely been effected by such advances in many ways both big and small. In regards to the discovery of novel and exceptional bioceuticals these advances in the various sciences matter most. In short, the market still prices discovery stage biotech as if only an extremely low number will ever be successful. The truth is that there has been a small but significant and growing percent of such companies gaining success. Moreover, for intelligent speculators the way in which current prices creates value over the spectrum of such companies combined with how larger biotech and other pharmaceuticals integrate new technologies and drug candidates (extreme reliance on buying successful companies) the payoffs are large and completely unpredictable as to when and which. Buying a portfolio (equal share ration meaning 10,000 + of each) randomly of companies with significant liquidity trading between $.80 and 2:75 as long as such companies have at least 2 stage two candidates and or at least 1 stage three candidate will yield very nice rewards for those willing to embrace volatility in a sector of their overall portfolio. There are times when event drive dynamics are the only major relevant variable in speculative opportunity and the results are very powerful dynamics. This is such an event.