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Italian OTC Fish Oil Study Has No Bearing On Vascepa Outcomes

|Includes: Amarin Corporation PLC (AMRN), GSK, OMTH

The erroneous coverage by various media outlets and slime-ball Adam Fuerstein attempts to relate a poorly designed Italian OTC fish oil study with outcomes for Omega-3 class Rx drugs. WRONG GUYS...

Let me ask a question. If you had a headache and intended to use Tylenol at the 500mg effective dose, but only took 50mg, would you expect your headache to go away? Let me be more blunt, as someone from Aegis Capital notes, do you value a fake Rolex the same as a real one?

The above sentiments should put to bed any concerns over this re-hashed Italian study relating to bottom of the barrel fish oil, but if not consider:

  • Vascepa has shown a dose dependent benefit. Mr. Fuerstein, since you clearly cannot read clinical trial data properly, if at all, that means the more you take, the better it works, both on linear indication and up vertically into other areas of cardio events, as proven in Jelis study. 1,000 mg is not 4,000 mg. I believe everyone can agree on that.
  • Next, the study did not use Vascepa. It did not even use Lovaza. Amarin has already proven through Marine and anchor, the chemical differences and method of action vs. standard OTC fish oil. It's simply not debatable if you look at the data.
  • Vascepa does not have the same side effects profile of other fish oils, including OTC. These side effects do the opposite you want for overall cholesterol management in relation to preventing cardio events.
  • The Italian study was barely fine for comparing OTC supplements at 1,000mg and common grades of fish oil; but completely irrelevant to relate to Rx for more than the reasons listed above, for one, IT DID NOT BREAK DOWN AND GO DOUBLE BLIND ON ANY ONE INDICATION, it grouped all potential events together with no segmentation on at-risk patients. Really...???try doing that in the U.S.

What a joke... if anything, it promotes people to not use OTC and switch to Rx as soon as possible.