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New AMRN Developments

|Includes: Amarin Corporation plc (AMRN)

Few things:

AF was right to mention the possibility of FDA panel prior to Anchor approval. It was new news released at Jeffreies conference. No risk really, as guidance panels first look at safety, then efficacy for the indication, AMRN has both. Hey, if the weight loss drugs can get approval on the panel, Anchor will be a fart in the wind.

On to more interesting things from Jeffries..Company confirmed statin data on the way early summer; management confirmed they are in talks now to either be acquired or nail partnership with big pharma 2H2013 for Anchor. Company also sees FDA panel (if it happens) as positive event, and reminds of SPA and Reduce It substantially underway for it.

I'd expect us to drift higher on this positive guidance. On good statin data, back to the teens we go. A panel vote could get us to interim new highs before we go higher on BD news or actual Anchor approval.

A few people have emailed asking about FRX takeout rumors...yes, I have heard those rumors over the past 36 hours and a deal could make sense, but I'm not sure I buy it. FRX has more of a partner/license model. I still look to PFE, GSK and AZN to be best suited candidates, although people over there seem to be on substances not necessarily controlled by FDA with the OMTH move, so I'm going to discount them until they start doing some deals that make sense. Elan was offered substantially more $ today, but that deal is unlikely, not sure who is in control of that company now.

Fun stuff ahead, place your bets... You know where I stand