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Dr. Salk's Gift To Humanity

There was a time when a reader of investment message boards had to worry about multiple ID's of one poster, multiple paid bashers and pumpers conspiring to sway sentiment and personalization to the point of exchanging daily epithets.

I guess that strategy still lingers.

While I was reading the highly emotional and barbed give and take on the ZIOP message board, the reference to the history of the RheoSwitch at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School/Center conjured up my formal education at my alma mater down Forbes Avenue, about a mile or so east.

The first book I was asked to read before starting school at Carnegie Tech was entitled "Personal Integrity."......and while I was there, before Forbes Field had been replaced by the Pitt Law School Library, I got to shake the hand of Branch Rickey, just before he passed, at the Pittsburgh Athletic Club on Fifth Avenue, where he was being honored as the man who brought Roberto Clemente to the Pirates and Jackie Robinson to the Dodgers, the first Spanish American and African American baseball players in the major leagues and two Hall of Famers.

It also brought back to me the memories of one of the greatest inventions, or intellectual properties if you prefer the current era jargon, ever by a researcher at Pitt's Medical School. His name was Jonas Salk. He and his many fellow researchers all but eliminated one of the scariest diseases on the planet.

Now I am not naive about why people invest their time on these boards, but it seems appropriate here to raise Dr. Salk's comment on the polio vaccine's patent.

When asked in a televised interview who owned the patent to the vaccine, Dr. Salk answered: "There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?"

Please keep that in mind, esquires!!! as these researchers try to conquer another of the planet's most destructive and aggressive diseases.

From a cancer survivor

Disclosure: I am long ZIOP.