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Parables On Valuation

|Includes: Berkshire Hathaway B (BRK.B)

I am continually seeking the different ways to increase my investing skills through reading and was struck with one thing I recently read, The Old Man and His Tree: A Parable On Valuation. For those who haven't read it - and no matter how skilled you are at investment/business analysis - I highly recommend it for it's fresh and simple conveyance of asset valuation.

I feel that too often investment analysis and investment reading is pretty similarly dry and full of concepts and lingo that we parrot back rarely looking at the very big picture. We investment analysts and writers oftentimes fall under the man with a hammer tendency and usually don't add too many different ways at looking at our investment analysis. I definitely have been guilty. What I am now finding out is that when looking at the same concept(s) in a different light new ideas and a thinking edge appears.

In an effort to expand on the above parable, I thought it would be a good mental exercise to adapt it with different ways to value an asset. I have gained most of my investment wisdom from the investment Gurus such as Warren Buffett and use their valuation techniques in my own analysis. I thought it would be appropriate to add their asset valuation techniques to my own parable on valuation Willy and His Chocolate Factory: A Parable On Guru Valuation.

I'd be curious to hear any reader reactions from either parable.

Disclosure: I am long BRK.B, .

Additional disclosure: This is no way a recommendation but a mental exercise on different ways to value a company.