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How Pascal's Mathematical & Intuitive Mind Can Help Investors

Are you interested in seeing much further than the crowd which could give you a thinking edge? For those who do, we might benefit by following Isaac Newton's example. In a response to Robert Hooke, Newton said that his new discoveries of light were only achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants such as Descartes and Hooke himself.

As investors we benefit from thinking differently which can translate into better long-term returns than the crowd; who better to stand on the shoulders of than the worldly 17th century math, science, religious, literary and philosophical trailblazer Blaise Pascal. Thankfully for us he wrote down his thoughts in the uncompleted and aptly named book called Pensees (translated: thoughts). We'll delve into the first section entitled the difference between the mathematical and intuitive mind and how we as investors can learn from it.

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