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How To Choose A Tablet?

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Many factor to consider when choosing a tablet. I have listed some below.

Choosing a tablet can be confusing as there are now so many brand and type of tablet you can choose from in the telecommunication market. Therefore below are some factors to consider which will make your choice easier.

Display resolution

As a tablet, the screen size has to be large and visible like a A4 size paper. Reading is much easier if the resolution is at least 9" by 7". The lowest resolution that will affect font size and image display is 132 pixels per inch (PPI). This stand for an area of inch by inch, it can show 132 pixels (dots) inside this area. The more highend tablet will provide 1024 by 768 pixels resolution to 2048 by 1536 pixel resolution. In case you did not notice, PPI and pixel resolution is related. By having higher PPI, your resolution will increase.

Weight and Size

The tablet has to be light weight and yet able to packed the power processor to run application and display stunning images video. The thickness should be less then 10mm for easy carry into bags and briefcase. The most carry able weight for women and kids are less then 0.8kg. Most tablets are in the range of 600g to 700g with size up to 10" by 8".


This is the most popular features on any tablets and a 3-megapixel camera and HD (720p) recording capability. Pixel is dots count of the image and a 3-megapixel will have 3 millions dots to form the image. Each dot can display millions of colour. Put together will form the photo. HD is high definition and 720p is 720 broadcast lines with aspect ratio of 16:9. This work out to be 1280x720 resolution video recording.


The recommended memory for tablet is 16 GB or more. GB is gigabyte with stands for 1 billion of bytes can be stored inside the memory. With 32 bit and 64 bit operating system, 16 GB of data can store about 4000 songs, 3200 photos, 8000 documents and 4 hours of HD video recording. That is a lot of data to store.


Nowadays tablet comes with dual core processor at up to 1 GHZ speed. 1 GHZ is equal to 1 billion hertz or 1 billion instruction per second. This means the processor can execute millions of instruction within a second to process what you see and hear. Newer generation comes with energy saving and power up with graphic processor for better superior quality images.


Most tablets comes with minimum connection via Wifi and higher end model have 3G or 4G connection for stream less internet connectivity. Blue tooth and fire wire are good to have. USB port and SD card slot for extra memory are added bonus.

Battery life

With advance in technology, battery life can go up to 8 hours internet connect time and more then 2 days of standby time. In any case, most usage will be 1 day and charging of the tablet is a daily chorus if you are using it for work and leisure. Get a charging kit for car and desktop for easy of use and continuous charging where you travel or at home.

Colour and accessories

Choose a colour that suit you best. Black, white and metallic are most popular colours but with case, the designs are unlimited. You can even DIY your own design, print it on the case and personalized it with accessories. Similar to hand phone, you can decorate according to your mood every day.


This depend on your budget. A mid range tablet with above specification will be around $700 to $900 range. Take your time to shop and explore the tablets before buying.