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Money Makes The World Connected!

|Includes: Facebook (FB)

The popular Apple, mighty Intel, powerful Shell petrol and Social network Facebook. These are all the big business and popular brand we know today. Starting a business has been the most convention method of earning money for many years. But with the wide spread of internet, this connectivity of global community allowed individual to start a new way of earning money.

Below are 5 ways which you can earn money almost instantly.

1) Make money by Blogging

Blogging is fast becoming the quickest way to start earning money from the internet. Anyone can start a blog site from or instantly by signing up and activate via email account. Blogging can be any topic and interest. As your blog gain more readers and popularity from search engine user, you can start to monetize your blog and receive paid advertisement from sponsor. Adsense from is a popular paid advertisement program where you are paid depending on your page view and conversion rate. You can setup Adsense account in a few simple steps and you can almost instantly earn money from blogging.

2) Make money by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is growing very fast with millions of vendor product are being market in the internet by affiliates. This works by providing a commission to affiliates for every sale of the products. You can start off with which has tons of product for you to sell with very high commission pay out. Find a popular web site and advertise your product. As more internet user access your advertisement, the more likely your sale conversion rate will contribute to successful sale of your affiliate vendor product. Earning payment normally will be within the next month.

3) Make money by Writing Articles

You can join or to start writing articles and sell them to interested buyer. There are plenty of topic of interest and posting of job for you to start writing. In order to write a good content articles, is it always important to do some research of the topic and keep yourself updated to the latest news or changes. Creating a rich content articles also involves adding pictures, related links and reviews. Good articles are always spelling free and flow with good grammar. Always foolproof any error in your articles by reading it twice.

4) Make money by Stock Market

The stock market used to be a rich man's playground but since the popularity of internet, many stock broker provide online trading which allows anyone to create a trading account. You can start with and trade shares online with no capital if you are playing contra or minimum leverage if Contract For Difference (NYSEMKT:CFD). You must remember always to do your due neligence and research on company stock and market trend. Alway use trend to predict market direction to your advantage.

5) Make money taking photos

You can earn money by selling your photos online at with many categary like card print, poster, frame or stickers. Photos can be submitted by landscape, abstract, painting, animae, drawing, illustration and people. There are many areas of interest you can develop on your photography skills and it will improve as you gain more experiences. You can start earning almost instantly when you upload your photos.