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Finally did the iPhone and here's the verdict

After a first and second gen iPod Touch, I couldn't resist anymore and did the switch from Verizon to AT&T/Apple's iPhone.  Factors of resistance: leaving Verizon's trouble-free network and not using Skype on the iPhone (this was resolved).  Granted the most resistance I had was the fact that I did the opposite switch 5 years ago because AT&T was the absolute worst network ever.....but things have really changed!  First off, Verizon is like a communist nation making you do everything through their network, no open Wi-Fi and no synching with Outlook......who in the world uses VCAST?  Verizon is fencing themselves in by not adopting to Global Standards of Technology and normalcy....sync with Outlook for free, use a wi-fi connection when possible, I guess if you have less than 100 contacts and stay within a 10 mile radius of your house Verizon is for you.....but for the rest of us who get out there, the new AT&T is actually great.....I haven't had anybody complain about a bad connection and hoping into a Starbucks with automatic wi-fi authentication is awesome! Just off the press:  Verizon has just raised the get out of contract price from $175 to $350!  Good thing I switched off of them before they raised the anti-iPhone sentiment price.  The iPhone is a completely different phone/mini-computer experience in a great way.  Note this:  you aren't charged on AT&T's iPhone for checking your voicemail because it uses the unlimited data for this feature....with other carriers checking your voicemail minutes consumed up to 15% of my monthly allotment.  The iPhone is very carefully thought through and is unbelievably designed.....when a call comes through it gently silences your music for you to take the call.  And using Skype like a regular phone call through a wi-fi connection is like a making a normal phone call.  I can make calls in international destinations at no cost like having a normal phone!  It is truly incredible and worth the cost!

Disclosure: LONG AAPL