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Gold: Past is prolog

|Includes: GDX, SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), SGOL, SPY

My 4th quarter Outlook, Become a gold bug, now; is holding up quite well. Gold at that time was $1,017.20 an ounce.



On Friday, the New York Spot Price was $1,118.50 an ounce.


The rise in the price of gold is just getting started for powerful macroeconomic reasons. In order for the price of gold not to climb, the federal government must do everything correctly regarding monetary and fiscal policy, while capitalism allow the more vulnerable segments of the economy to heal itself, and lobbyists stand down as sage lawmakers enact thoughtful, prudent laws to prevent another financial crisis like 2008 and from recurring. Good luck with that. 

5-Year Chart: GLD vs. S&P 500

 If the next five years is anything like the last five years, your capital is still better off in gold or gold-backed investments rather than equities or equity-based assets.