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War Talk

is bad for the economy. It drives up oil prices. It drives up interest rates. It spooks foreign investors. It creates social dislocations and upheavals. If history is any guide the last intervention we had in the Middle East was the biggest catastrophe ever for the United State's financial position. How will this next one be any different ? I think Americans are right to be skeptical. To not be convinced actually. In other words my personal view is that the American people are correct in opposing a war effort in Syria at ANY level unless and until it is properly explained how it will be paid for. Most Americans are currently living on a fixed income of some sort. With interest rates "exceptionally low for an exceptionally long time" it really is not hard to believe just the mere talk of intervention is more than enough to have spooked interest rates thus quite possibly forcing the Fed's hand on a premature "exit" from its highly successful QE policy. This does include the actual fighting of the war itself. The bulk of Armed Forces of the United States currently reside within the USA itself. What is there condition and status? Are they being well cared for and treated? Are they motiviated to fight? What is the position of "the hawks" who have had nothing but one reckless intervention after another going back to the 1990's in this regard? I hear no voices of dissent other than in the price of oil. With the United States of America only able to service its massive debt and deficit loads through extraordinary measures how will intervening in a Civil War aid in that process? I would argue...i AM arguing this is in fact harming what is already the worst recovery since World War II...a war i might add that was designed, fought and executed such that we could ourselves OUT of an economic mess like this called "the Great Depression." Clearly this war effort will never succeed as well as that one did. Indeed it's scary to think it will fail as bad as the Iraq/Afghanistan "adventures" have so far to date. The idea that "low interest rates" means as a nation "we are rich" in fact is a FUTURE looking indicator. This is based on a THEORY that "interest rates will never rise in the future." A clearly false future indeed. We have a professional military now. It seems to me the purpose of having such a service is not to "throw them away as though they were some conscripted service" but in fact to use them SPARINGLY. I simply do not take the people currently in charge seriously when they go "cowboying off" in some corner of the world as if they know anything about the region or the implications of so doing. We fight for "humanitarian reasons"? REALLY?. Do they even know how to win a war? The current political establishment has absolutely no credibility in this regard and my personal view is that why they certainly know how to start a fight they have no clue how to finish. Nor do they have any intent of doing so. "Long after we're out of office we'll leave our nation devoid of liberties, fully indebted and with a war without end." Good riddance i say. To ALL of them!

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