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The Revolution

Events in the Middle East are rapidly moving toward total chaos. Eyes worldwide are directed toward every country except the one that is most important-Israel. It has been called the "world's canary in the coal mine.".Each of the countries that surround Israel-Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt-is in upheaval to some degree. The only matter on which all can agree is their hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.

Sorrowfully, the Liberal Left in America has drawn a line in the sand and stepped over to the other side-away from our long-time ally, Israel. President Barack Obama's one-world view has placed him squarely alongside the United Nations. He has cast his lot with those who would see Israel stripped, bleeding, and impotent to defend herself. No longer the Good Samaritan, he has befriended those who pass by on the other side and ignore the threat Israel faces.

The U.S. cannot afford to lose her staunchest ally in the Middle East. It is time for Mr. Obama to take an unpopular stand. It is time for him to take his position firmly beside our brothers and sisters in Israel. It is time for the American people to call for accountability from their elected officials and to post a warning that the job of defender of the brave and free is up for grabs. Only those who are willing to stand with our staunchest ally in the Middle East need apply. The field of applicants is frighteningly narrow.

Now many are wondering: Will the Islamic revolution in Egypt and other Middle East countries lead to democracy or to Armageddon? What will stand in the way of tens of millions of radical Islamists in terrorist states and their mullahs from using the very rules and regulations designed to maintain order in government to instead use the system to reach their desired conclusion-in this instance, to gain international acceptance? What will keep these radical Islamists from controlling the hearts and minds of the masses as Hitler did during World War II by empowering radical Islam? And what will happen to the world economy as a result?

The Muslim Brotherhood has never wavered from its commitment to create Islamic states that embrace Shari'a law-a method of governing they claim is widely accepted in Egypt and in other Islamic states. The objective of the Brotherhood is essentially seditious. While it openly dabbles in acceptable pursuits, undercover it builds a subversive system of terror cells to steal arms, train dissidents, develop teams to target government figures, infiltrate armed forces and security services, and await the order to armed forces and security services, and await the implementation its strategy.

While it is far too soon to predict how the turmoil in the Middle East will end, it is obvious that the country benefiting most in the long run will be Iran and its radical mullahs. All we can do is pray and stay tuned for the next episode. The Revolution by Mike Evans will give you insight into this group and others in the Muslim world with one goal in mind: to destroy the United States of America from within and to wipe Israel from the map.

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