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Security Software To Protect Files—A Better Option

There was a time when passwords were considered to be the strongest barrier between user and data thieve. But, data thieves have become advanced and have adopted the technology pretty well. They have worked hard to develop the necessary tools to crack these passwords and tackle this security measure. Now, these crooks find no difficulty in cracking any password, even if it is a strong one. The problem with the passwords is that, when you create a password and communicate it to the website, they change it into 'hashes'. However, these websites are unable to reverse this process and change hashes into the provided numbers or letters by the user. This exposes the password to the criminals and they can steal your identity.

Ares conducted an experiment that involved new technologists to the expert e-crooks. Ars tried to find out what can hackers do to crack the security password to access the files. They were driven to a conclusion that words like 'Oscar', 'Emmy', 'Mom', 'Kids' and easy to remember numbers were easily broken through. The introductions of specialized weapons to shatter the password have made the password protection weaker.

What gets your identity or account hacked?

To avoid hacking, it is strongly recommended that any password should be avoided which consist consecutive placed keys on the keyboard, combinations such as 'qwerty' or 'zxcvbn' or any such arrangement. It is also not a good idea to use a dictionary word, or use a word with a common spelling mistake, spell a word backward. The specialized software that is designed for smash password protection can guess this kind of software with no trouble. Another common mistake committed by people during setting a password up is using their name, mobile number, date of birth, friend's name, kid's name or parents' name. Last year nearly 32 million of passwords were exposed, almost 1 percent victims were using an uncomplicated password '123456'. The next most used passwords were '12345', other most common passwords were '111111', 'princess' and where website asked user to use a combination of letters and words as a password, they used 'abc123'. What sort of protection is that? I mean these passwords were meant to be cracked.

How to provide strong password protection for data?

The practice to keep a single password is not a wise one; you should keep different passwords for every account. Do not enter your password in front of anyone; hide it from everyone, even from your pals. Keep your computer logged off when not using, it takes a couple of seconds to change or steal passwords. Always avoid entering a password on a public computer; it may contain some malware programs that can compromise your security. The same case is with the public Wi-Fi connections, the unsecured Wi-Fi connection can be hazardous for your data security. It is advisable to change your password frequently; a file that contains a password protection should not be secured with the same password for more than three months. You may write down your password somewhere but make sure that it does not fall in the wrong hands. If you have a problem with remembering passwords, the best practice is to write the hints of password instead of the actual password.

As the technology has prospered, the devilish genius (hackers) has become advance also. The main storage place of data that is your PC or other storage devices are at the target of these crooks. Using security software that can Lock Files with a password is a far better idea than to password protects them with orthodox methods.

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