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Copy Pasting— Can Be A Hazardous Feature!

The concept of keeping records in hard copy is substituted by the electronic record (records in soft copy). Keeping records digitally gives a variety of luxuries, such as; it requires much less space than data saved in hard copy, another big advantage it offers is the accessibility. The data saved digitally can be accessed from anywhere around the globe and can be seen by a number of people at the same time from different venues. But, digitally saved data are much less credible than the information saved in the form of papers. This lack of credibility is not because of a drawback of digital saved data, but, it is due to a feature that causes this low credibility. The feature of copy and pasting makes the data unreliable, as a data can be published by the name other than author if the publisher stolen this data from the original author by copy and pasting.

If there is some wrong information is provided, there can be a situation where people can just copy and paste data blindly, without checking the authenticity. These kinds of information mislead the people who approach this information for the purpose of guidance. Due to the erroneous copy pasting of data, the charts made with the help of such data are always faulty. Charts have a great significance in business field, engineering, healthcare industry and every field worth discussing. Even if the text is correct, the person who is drawing the graph may commit a mistake. The persons who will follow the footsteps of such drawer will also provide an out of order chart to his or her readers.

Why these capable people who can perform their tasks from scratch does rely on these erroneous graphs, diagrams, tables or figures? Actually, human kind is fond of investing as less energy as possible in performing their jobs. That is why some people who are hard working usually get the success. Well, in order to save some precious energy, even people who are gifted with the ability to work on their own, prefer copying and pasting the work of some other person.

If the first author provides wrong information, it can be published by the name of some other person or if some facts are given in the task, they get copy and pasted without alteration. However, it is not the biggest hazard of copy and pasting. The biggest hazard of copy and pasting is data theft, piracy, illegal distribution of information and other similar scenarios. Data breach incidents are extremely common, whether they occur due to the careless employees or lack of security measures. Employees incidentally or deliberately leak the sensitive information about the business. This data breach can be a result of a lost or theft portable data storing device which contained unsecured confidential information. Employees can also leak data deliberately; they can sell company's business strategies, marketing plans, financial information and other confidential data to their rivals. That is why to prevent such breach security software should be used which can prevent Copy Protection. Digging out this data is not much of a complicated task, all they have to do is to copy data and paste them on their USB drives and take it away easily. The data which is not much dear to the company can be priceless for its rivals.

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