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What The Internet Has Given US? Facilities And Risk Of Data

In the modern age of internet, where have many facilities, you can interact with your loved ones anywhere around the globe while sitting on your comfortable rocking chair by using the internet on a laptop or tablet or even on the cell phone. The internet has certainly made the world a global village, where everyone is in touch with others no matter how many they are physically away from each other. By sitting on your couch in an air-conditioned room, you can buy imported goods made in Japan. This is a miracle of internet that you can do research about anything with easy by just a single click. The web more or less has information about almost everything in the world, in fact everything in the universe.

Everything that has advantages must have some disadvantages too. The case of internet is not different, where it has given us so many facilities; it has also made our life a lot riskier. The internet has exposed us to a variety of new dangers, our identity, financial records, or personal data; nothing is safe in this era of technology. Before the era of the internet, there was no concept of infecting computers by downloading anything or surfing some malware links, actually there were no malware links that time. The concepts of data theft, hacking or virus were completely different from what they are now.

At that time, a computer could get infected only if some portable data storing device which were only two that time i.e. CD and Floppy drive containing infected objects is run on the computer. The perception of hacking was a physical data theft. Means, a crook entering your office or home physically and accessing your data by breaking the security barriers which was usually a password protection or a conventional hidden file. There were almost no security measures to secure data, but, stealing data was also an extremely risky and difficult job.

But, now data security has become a quite sensitive issue, there is always the risk of losing financial records, social security numbers, and other important information. The hackers are always in the search of getting some personal data of people so that they can do fraud with them. That is why people need to use security software that can Lock File, so that even if a cyber criminal get his way into the computer, he will not be able to get any information. Microsoft conducted a survey regarding data security; they polled 10,000 computers in about 20 countries. The results were quite astonishing.

They found out that more than 55 percent of the computer users had online data risk more than one time, only 16 percent of them used multiple security layers to protect their data. Almost 45 percent of the users were afraid of losing identity online, but only 34 percent of the users used PIN for their respective tool on which they use the web. Nearly 50 percent users have a fear of being a victim of a virus, but, only half of them use security software, and even less than a half of them use firewalls. Hackers will not allow you to live peacefully, you need make yourself secure by using antivirus, firewalls and security software.

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