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The Progress Of Technology—Gadgets Getting More And More Portable!

As the technology progresses, everything is becoming more and more portable, and more mobile. Almost every gadget or machine is getting smaller lighter and smarter as the days are passing. Let's start with the invention of the computer, when the first proper computer was invented, it was almost of the size of a room. But, afterwards, the technology regarding the computer started getting more and more advance and huge changes were made in the design structure and functions. The computer which we see today is completely transformed; it is equipped with all the necessary tools that are required to perform numerous operations. Similar case is with the mobile phone. When Motorola first introduced the cell phone, it was too big to keep it in the pocket and was quite heavy. There were no functions in that cell phone except calling and answering the call. All in all it was just a portable landline phone that even had a battery backup of only half an hour. But, researchers kept on working, they tried new ideas and they got successful at every new stage of revolution of the cell phone. Then, the mobile phone was given the features of SMS (Short Messaging Service) that made the communication even easier. The developers add to the facility to play games on cell phones that are proven to be a good time pass.

After these inclusions, a journey of revolution of mobile phone started that made these cellular phones radios, camera, camcorder and many other gadgets. Steve Jobs gave these cell phones a totally new look by introducing a touch screen feature in the mobile phones. After that invention, companies started competing in a race of launching the best Smartphone and this race is still in progress. However, the major competitor of this race is just two i.e. Apple and Samsung. There is no doubt that the technology of cellular phones will continue to be advanced and will become better day by day. From the day computer has invented and being used to perform tasks, there is a rapid progress in the technology of storing data. A number of devices invented to store data digitally, many of them got successful and many of them lost somewhere due to the incapability. The scientist had a clear view that at some point in the future, the computer users would like to carry their data with them. That is why, along with the regular data storing devices, scientists invented devices like Floppy Disk and CD to make the data mobile. Making data portable given a great facility to the users, but it imposed a big threat to data security.

Portable data storing devices such as CDs, DVDs, memory cards and the more popular USB flash drives. As these portable drives are small and light which make them mobile and make them handy, these qualities are also the biggest drawback of these drives. The portable drives are prone to getting lost or stolen, using a software that can Secure USB and other portable drives would be a good idea to make your data secure. Where technology advancement brings a number of facilities, the same advancements always have some big drawbacks.

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