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A Quick Alloy Steel Update

As I noted in the comments of a previous post, I spoke to Alloy Steel’s CFO Barry Woodhouse briefly last week. The main reason I called him was to see if he and CEO Gene Kostecki would be willing to answer a few shareholder questions in light of their press release. He said he’d ask Kostecki when he got back from Indonesia, but it didn’t sound likely that Kostecki would be interested in entertaining shareholder questions at this point. I also asked Woodhouse about the company’s website being down, and he said there were a couple of alternative new versions of the website on deck, and that they were waiting for Kostecki to approve one of them.

I left a follow up message for Barry Woodhouse overnight, but haven’t heard back from him. It looks like the company is back in silent running mode, as it was when its stock price hit its nadir in ‘09, and I wrote this post on the old blog, “Run Silent, Run Deep”.

As I also noted in the comments of a previous post, I added a few more shares last week at $0.44.

Earlier this week, someone wrote up Alloy Steel as an idea on the Value Investors Club.

As I type this, Pink OTC Markets shows a one cent spread on the stock. So far at least, the stock doesn’t seem to be less liquid since its move to the Pink Sheets.

Disclosure: Long AYSI.PK