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Another Play On Natural Gas. Trigeneration Adds Natural Gas Air Conditioning.

|Includes: General Electric Company (GE)

I have been participating in a Linkedin log on Cogeneration and OnsitePower Production. (COSPP) Cogeneration and trigeneration allow companies to produce their own electricity and heat with their own fuel. Usually natural gas. Trigeneration adds air conditioning to the system.

Natural gas prices have dropped to such a good price, that it will be very sensible to invest in new equipment or equipment changes to add air conditioning. Payback rates will be faster than ever before. Those companies who are leaders in that field will greatly benefit. Discussion thread.

Identifying those companies who have the best products, sales, marketing, and service should result in good investments for those who make the best choices.

My choice would be General Electric, because they are heavily involved in natural gas equipment and uses. They make the most efficient natural gas turbines I know of, and are working on the new home vehicle fueling pump with Westinghouse and Eaton. They are also building out the fueling infrastructure with leading modular service stations and other products.

There may be better companies to target trigeneration growth, but GE is the most diverse play ,for natural gas infrastructure, that I know of.

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Additional disclosure: I am an unpaid advocate of natural gas.