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All You Need To Know About iOS 7

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

On Monday Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) released their newest operating software, iOS 7. It is expected to be available this fall for the iPhone 4 and later, iPad2 and later, iPad mini, and the 5th generation iPod touch. There are many new advancements like iTunes Radio and AirDrop in iOS 7.

AirDrop is the newest addition to iOS 7. Now users can share images, videos, and documents easily with WiFi. It is comparable to Samsung's "bump" technology except you do not need to physically touch devices; you just need to be within a short range. Airdrop will be available within any app that uses a share sheet and all you need to do is find the file you want to send and click the people you want to send it to. You are also allowed to send the same file to multiple people with just an additional click. Unfortunately AirDrop will only be available on iPhone 5, 4th generation iPad, iPad mini, and 5th generation iPod.

ITunes Radio has been stirring up a lot of attention on the Internet and it has been criticized for being to similar to Pandora. Although similar, Apple claims that iTunes Radio is for "music discovery". ITunes Radio lets you make your own albums, rate music, and recommends new music. ITunes Radio is free with ads for all users and iTunes Match account members will get an ad free membership. This is the only feature of iOS 7 that will influence earnings for Apple. I believe that because music will be more accessible, people will be more inclined to buy music from iTunes, especially because more and more people are syncing their music with all devices. In addition the ad revenues should help Apple's earnings.

Siri also has major improvements. Now the female voice has been redesigned to sound more human-like. In addition, there is the option of a male voice. Siri now can place Wikipedia articles and tweets in user searches. Furthermore, Siri now speaks multiple languages such as French and German. Siri also plays an imperative role in iOS in the car.

IOS in the car is a completely new feature of Apple. Apple is hoping that people will be able to connect their iPhone with their car screen. From here people would be able to call their contacts and receive and send text messages and emails. The best part is that this would be completely hands free using Siri.

In addition to these major changes Apple has introduced many minor changes that mostly revolve around image and design. The most apparent of these changes will be the redesigned lock and home screens, which have a layered approach and allowing the background image to really stand out.

Safari got a makeover. Now it is cleaner and will have full page content (all the controls disappear when scrolling). In addition bookmarked pages are more accessible. You can also see shared links and reading lists.

Mail and the Calendar did not have any major changes. With mail the typeface is neater and more legible. Calendar is still the same, but you see events differently and can look at the calendar for the whole year in one shot.

Notifications are still similar. Now you can see notifications that apply for "today only". With iOS 7 the notification center is synced with all Apple devices, so you never have to delete the same notification twice. In addition, you can access the notifications center from the lock screen.

The camera app now has four modes: picture, video, square, and panorama. You can easily swipe between the four modes. After you take a picture you can add a filter.

Photos are now organized with iOS 7. When you take a photo iOS 7 will remember when and where you took it. From here iOS 7 will organize your photos into moments and albums (based on location and time). You can also share photos with airdrop. Overall, photos will be much more organized.

Apple's App Store is the most populated. Now the trouble for users is finding the right apps. The new App Store helps recommend apps based on age and current location. For example if you were near or in a museum the App store would recommend an informative app (like Wikipedia). Also, app updates are conducted automatically. Because apps are more accessible more will be purchased.

Multitasking is made easy with iOS 7. You can double click the home button and then scroll through all running applications.

Control Center is more accessible. It can be accessed with a swipe from the bottom of the screen. Now the new control center has a flashlight app.

Overall View

Jony Ive really demonstrated his potential with iOS 7. Although not revolutionary iOS 7 does show that Apple still has innovation. When released this fall iOS 7 will provide Apple users with a nicer, cleaner experience. ITunes Radio will be a revenue earner for Apple, and the new App Store will make more accessible. Apple has demonstrated their drive to create great products and iOS 7 gives Apple another edge on its competitors.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.