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|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

To: The Financial Lexicon

Re: Your Seeking Alpha article dated 12/o5/2012 "Apple's Margin Hike Sell-Off: Should You Care?"

I thank you very much for your homework but not the implication that there is nothing really wrong with what happened to Apple share price on 12/02/2012. I remain deeply concerned about what might have happened.

I have to care big time that some obscure clearing house called COR can trigger or contribute to a 4.8% selloff in a $500B Fortune 500 company with impunity. I have to care that COR can apparently do this with no accountability or justification.

I have to care that this could be yet another stock price manipulation scheme engineered by some folks on Wall Street trying to outfox other investors including individuals who would not even know such an action was possible.

I have to care big time that there are no controls or that no validation is required for such actions meaning that they can be arbitrary. Or done on a scratch my back and will scratch yours basis.

I have to care big time that this kind of thing disrupts what is advertised as a fair marketplace.

I have to care as an individual investor with my largest position having sold off 4.8% today despite sound company financials, sound company business fundamentals and sound company position in the marketplace.

I have to care that dividend paying Apple valuation remains at depressed levels and was pushed back down today despite a TTM PE< 13, a forward PE <10, a PEG < 0.5 and a cash and equivivalent of >$120B. This is despite having been as successful as any company I have followed as an investor for the last 20 years.

Something is very wrong with this picture and I do not like it.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.