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Steve Jobs has left an Apple management team and corporate culture in place that can run circles around any other technology or even entertainment company in the marketplace (see the significance of this in my comment below on "Apple TV"). There are also products and a product roadmap in place and then there is the continued development of the sticky ecosystem that will provide a growing revenue stream even in a slow economy.  All of these factors will keep Apple's growth momentum in place for the foreseeable future. 

And then there is the possible Apple home entertainment/HDTV system  which could be announced in the first half of 2012.  This will be a significant new business area and add huge impetus to Apple's growth momentum.  It will provide features that go way beyond TIVO and it will grow the sticky ecosystem in an even faster way.  This will also suck the air out of 

Buy Apple LEAPs to capitalize on all this dependable growth -- Apple is the ideal vehicle for this opportunity. Why do I suggest the use of LEAPs for enhanced returns.  Apple LEAP's have been giving 100 - 300% returns over 6 mo to 1 year holding periods ever since March of 2009 and there is every reason to believe that this growth is going to continue.  LEAPs also provide time protection for the inevitable sell offs in the stock which inevitably been followed by full reversals followed by more valuation growth.  

You don't need technical analysis, a fancy computer or rocket science to make this investment and it is totally legal. Apple Jan 2014 LEAPs go on sale on September 12 which means you can acquire them before the next blowout earnings report! If you don't want to wait or want to diversify your LEAP investment over time, the 2013 LEAPs are on sale have been so since Sept of 2011.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.