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Icahn's Stalingrad

|Includes: DELL, Herbalife Ltd. (HLF)

At some point in late autumn 1942, a German general must have had a bad feeling about the course of battle in Stalingrad.At that time German forces controlled over 90% of the city with only small pockets of Russians fiercely holding out. It would have been a time to pull back and take a rest,regroup,and reflect on the next step forward.But the focus was on taking the city at all costs ignoring the weak flanks guarding the rear.Since the strategies used apply equally to war and trading,a thought passed in my head.Would it not be a good time for Carl Icahn to realize he has Herbalife - HLF - 90% surrounded ( with William Ackman in the Middle ) now ? A victory march should now be taken while the heat of the battle has gone in his favor.There are other battles to be won such as Dell -DELL - in which he has a solid case to present.His point has been made as Herbalife's stock has risen since his involvement.Why risk the chance that you ,in a few months time,will be the one with his back to the Volga River fighting an uphill battle.Ultimately the outcome of the war is the objective,not the measure of pride.

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