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The Monsanto Paradox

|Includes: Monsanto Company (MON)

In the same stream of articles AP reported protests first in 250 cities later revised to over 400.Which is the correct total? How does one count " 2 million" protesters? These are legitimate questions that need to be addressed along with the accusations the protesters make.A laundry list that includes poisoning the children,killing the bees,and making overseas farmers commit suicide are the bullet points being highlighted.World scientists are trotted out to make the case that the company is " Evil " and is involved in a global conspiracy.The arguments on both sides are heated with plenty of information available for future discussions.I will read both sides of this issue with an open mind but what I have seen so far has not swayed future trading options.That is the paradox of the Stock Market and Monsanto - MON - as a company.Does a trader ignore stocks that might do damage to the environment? One of the first lessons of trading was to control emotions while picking stocks.Everyday millions of trades are executed on oil companies,chemical operators,mining stocks,etc.Are we to ignore these stocks as future trades because they may be " bad " for society? How about the good things they do like improving lives and creating jobs? Before a big paintbrush colors these companies untouchable,more thought will be needed.In the trading world,you never have to love a company in order to trade it.

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