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The Mouse From Mars

When first viewing the NASA photo on Mars of what appeared to be a rat,I became curious.Looking a few times at the image I was convinced it was an animal of some sorts.At that moment I decided to ask my resident animal expert,my young daughter Andrea,what it was.She replied very quickly " That is a mouse and it's name is Toodles ". That answer without thinking about it leads me to the future direction of the Market.Are we to ignore the downturn on Friday as just a day of profit-taking or the start of a sell-off that will continue the rest of the year? A couple bad days will bring a slew of sinister stories of Markets collapsing and 401k panic attacks by people accustomed to rising stock prices.Although a correction might be needed at this point investor sentiment is not necessarily leaning in that direction.The whole " Sell In May and Go Away" mantra was ignored by the majority of Market traders as indices rose higher in the first part of 2013.What will be the reaction if Markets start spiraling downward? For investors looking for returns,where to turn next? Those questions will need to be answered if events unfold rather fast and a " June Swoon " begins.When looking at a picture frozen in time,one might see something that is really not there.Or might it be actually " Toodles " the Mouse from Mars.Only time will tell.