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Driving Season In The Northern Hemisphere

|Includes: Hess Corporation (HES)

Once upon a time the price of gasoline went up mid-March and continued to rise into August.Around Labor Day the gallon rate started to drop as tourists wrapped up their holidays.This was known by the moniker: The Driving Season.Every year like clockwork this gas game was played out on American roads.At some point this exercise took a different path and refused to follow gas price history.Prices stayed at medium levels in the summer for the past few years while the Autumn and Winter saw higher rates.Did someone figure out that people need to drive more often in the colder weather? In the spring and summer more ride bicycles and walked cutting down on gas consumption.Also less people are driving far distances preferring to vacation closer to home.This being due to the fact of more workers in part-time jobs with little vacation available to them.The economy has had a hand in changing the perception of the Driving Season.Just today on a sunny July morning there were no cars gassing up at the local Hess - HES - station.In the cooler weather every pump is taken and a line snakes around the outside.The myth of the gas driving season will finally be put to rest as an out-dated barometer of American Society.Winter is here will be the new phrase used to justify higher prices.Oil traders will be able to take summer vacations like the rest of modern day civilization.First stopping at the pumps,of course.

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