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Fired By Text Message: The Prologue

|Includes: McDonald's Corporation (MCD)

The Staff at a Winter Park,Florida Bistro found out by text message that they had been fired.Anyone who has been fired or laid off knows that terrible sinking feeling at that precise moment.Although the owner,Gregory Kennedy is taking a lot of heat for his methods no one asks why is the restaurant closing in the first place? In my opinion this is the opening act in a play that will take place all over the country.Mr.Kennedy will be remembered by his callous behavior in this incident but may have been a victim of economic circumstance.As gas prices start to rise,consumers start to cut back on non-essential spending.One of the first places to be hit is restaurants as people spend more time cooking at home.I have noticed in my neck of the woods that parking lots are not as full as before.The one exception is McDonald's -MCD - which is always busy.The restaurant business has always been a tricky one catering to the whim of a fickle public.One of my old bosses owns a successful seafood place down the Jersey Shore and it requires a lot of hard work to stay on top.The Florida Bistro might have had the odds stacked against it for a number of reasons.Kennedy's actions demanded a better approach in letting his employees go.When the economy throws a curve,people do not always do the right thing.This episode will be continued in the future on many fronts.The " Kennedy Incident " may be remembered as the first shot across the bow of an economic recovery that has failed to take off.Only time will tell this tale.

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