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The 29 Hour Work Week : Feedback

Due to the future implementation of " ObamaCare " employers will have to provide Health Insurance for workers working 30 hours or more.Thus the 29 Hour work week has been born.In 2013 over 953,000 jobs have been created with 731,000 labeled as part-time.Now a worker will be faced with a two or three job career in order to make ends meet.If you thought stress was at a high level now wait until people have to deal with 2 or 3 " Supervisors " in a work week.When you go about your daily rounds keep an ear open for worker chatter about this subject in the various establishments you frequent.My own experience is that the mood is very angry among the workers and will get worse as time goes on.I intend to continue this Instablog into the future with periodic updates from the trenches of everyday life.Feel Free to leave feedback on this topic.All Rants are welcome. Sincerely Yours, Kenneth J. Parish KJP Enterprises