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September Strategy For Swoon

With the war noise turned down a notch on Syria last week,the thoughts return to a strategy for September.Will the Market do a swoon or rally until the end of 2013? Historically September is the worst month for stocks,down 0.90% on average since 1915.As the children go back to school and leaves start to change color, thoughts begin to question a market that has more than doubled since 2009.Is there a final rally pushing the Dow higher? Or will the Fed taper put a crimp in New Year celebrations? These questions are not easy to answer before the actual events occur.Some might say to take some money off the table building up cash balances for the future.I am leaning in that direction since Congress comes back in session to deal with budgetary problems such as debt limits.In the past they have created Market turmoil with their inaction.Too many distractions could lead stocks downward with a push coming from the Fed,Congress,Syria,or a " Black Swan " event.September has a habit of making traders nervous as the air turns crisp.This year will be no different.