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Five Years Ago When Dawn Appeared

|Includes: Acme Packet, Inc. (APKT)

Today I was looking at a calendar when it hit me.Five years ago on an October morning in 2008 my business KJP Enterprises was launched.All day on September 30th I was contemplating the start of the business admist the chaos of the Market after Lehman brothers went sliding into an abyss.People who knew me were phoning to wish me luck and nervously asking about their own portfolios sometimes in the same sentence.As the day wore on, I believed the decision to launch was the right move at the right time. Only you know the correct answer to that question because the dream takes over your mind and body.I did not come all this way to let down all the people supporting me especially my great wife and my then three year old daughter.When those September days were at their bleakest,those two were the shining lights to guide me on my future path. Other people thought I was crazy but most of my family and friends were supportive at the time it was needed.So when Dawn broke on October 1,2008 I was ready to do battle in a very tough business where many fall by the wayside.My first buy that day was Acme Packet - APKT - which went nowhere for 2 years before blasting off in 2011.I sold it too soon but still did incredibly well on that first trade.Here is to the next five years and remembering to count my blessings one trade at a time.