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The Congress That No One Liked

|Includes: JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

Sitting here a mere few days before the U.S. government defaults on it's debts one wonders what the future holds.Will the global landscape be forever changed after the seemingly impossible event takes shape? Or will world investors tire of this recurring charade and dump treasuries by the boatload? These questions and many others will be answered very shortly if Congress does not get it's act together soon.With approval rates hovering near 10% The people of Congress are not liked very much by anyone.The same tired faces making the same tired decisions haunt the television screens nightly.The names really do not matter as most are disliked universally.You will not see many fans running around town with a Harry Reid jersey or Mitch McConnell Hoodie on their backs.What you will see is some all-American anger at the ineptitude of this bunch of Junior Varsity legislators.From veterans protesting in front of the White House to People leaving shopping carts full of groceries behind as their EBT cards fail to work.The beginning of an anger swelling deep inside the collective soul of this great country.As politicians preen for the cameras Wall Street will be the gauge of how out of touch they are today.Gyrations in the Dow Jones averages will remind these miscreants of how fragile their political positions are.Jamie Dimon said it very succinctly " You don't want to know " when asked about a possible default.A default might be the card they are playing with but there is time to stop this dangerous game before a losing result occurs.Like two kids brawling over a piece of candy at a birthday party the two sides need an adult to quell the disturbance before their actions have global consequences.Who that adult might be is a great question since Washington seems to be in short supply these days.

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