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The Thinning Of America

|Includes: Walmart Inc. (WMT)

On Friday the reduction of America's waistline officially began.There was no fanfare or loud proclamation from television anchors about this key event.Matter of fact the day's news was dominated by the airport shooting in Los Angeles.The quiet start for November the first will not last very long once 47.6 people find out that SNAP benefits have been reduced 6 per cent.Some will say the cut of 36 dollars a month for a family of four is not very much.The 5 billion total reduction for the program will eventually reach Wal Mart - WMT - as many across the country shop there with their EBT cards.The impact on holiday shopping will show up immediately as people ponder what is necessary and what is not.The larger question might be whether this cut will be the first of more reductions in the future as the government pares down the program.These answers will have Wall Street watching closely as 15 % of the U.S.population start to make monthly decisions.People forced into lower food intake become unpredictable and some will react in a rather bad fashion.The mood in the supermarket will start to get testy as citizens deal with the new realities of lower cash outlays for food.Actually the air was tense already as seniors were angrily pushing their carts muttering about high prices.As winter sets in and the daylight fades,the thinning of America will become the spotlight of the hungry future.

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