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Fast Food Workers Need $ 15 Per Hour To Survive

|Includes: McDonald's Corporation (MCD)

Before we ponder the plight of the fast food worker,let's examine the definition of the word survive.Since the application is not pertaining to an accident or dangerous event,to continue to live or exist will be the definition model.I do not frequent these restaurants on a daily basis but have a basic understanding of how they operate.An Assistant Manager usually runs the show with a crew of workers manning various stations completing thousands of orders every day.Most of the people appear to be working very hard at their tasks.You will have the occasional Drama Queen or Young Man with bigger future plans in the room but that is just a microcosm of society at large.How anyone survives on 7 or 8 dollars an hour is beyond my understanding of economic reality.What I do not understand is why organizers of this strike did not shoot for 11 or 12 dollars as a starting point for negotiations.That to me is a better vantage point to sell your story.Listen,most customers know you are underpaid at 7 or 8 dollars but shoot for a number that most workers can relate to.Not everyone is pulling in 80 thousand a year shuffling papers and shouting into telephones.One can survive much better at 12 Per Hour than 8. McDonald's - MCD - takes the most heat but will eventually see the light in this discussion and be a leader to address this problem.The more people make in salary will help other areas of the economy in the long run.Because everyone has a right to survive in the Working World.

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