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Springtime In The Ukraine

The region of Eastern Europe is loaded with past history.World War I started with an assassination in Sarajevo triggering millions of deaths all over the continent.Ironically that event took place June 28 1914 nearing it's one hundred anniversary next month.That war led up to the second World War where even more devastation took place.Some of the most epic battles happened in the Ukraine eventually leading to Hitler's defeat as the Russians stormed into Berlin.So what do present developments in this region mean for the Stock Market? If history teaches us anything these skirmishes may lead to a wider conflict affecting economies around the globe.Oil prices will spike for sure and heating gas will be in short supply for the next European Winter.What happens if the Winter of 2014-2015 is as bad as the 1941-1943 period? Those terrible times turned the tide in the Russian-German conflict changing history forever.A few battles which appear to be small in scope can lead to a wider conflict that engulfs entire countries.These events bear close scrutiny especially as fragile economies mend in the Spring of 2014.Let's hope the outcome is better than one hundred years ago.The future of the Stock Market depends on it.