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Munger's Universe

|Includes: Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRK.A)

Say what you will about Bitcoin but do not call it rat poison.Because even that has value to people who want to see rodents disappear.Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway - BRK-A - has stated that the new virtual currency in his mind has no value.He is being coy because he knows the Marketplace dictates the worth of something not him.The same structure that says Berkshire Hathaway is worth $191,550 a share willl tell you what Bitcoin is worth.I did not like his take on Gold either when he essentially said it had no value also.In the same interview Bill Gates seemed to endorse the idea of Bitcoin calling it a " Techno Tour De Force " I am sure when Mr.Gates first proposed the idea of software in every personal computer in each house of America very few people believed it.Listen to Gates on this one because Munger is out of touch on alternative currencies.Paper is his game and new or old variations do not appear in his economic Solar System.Rats beware: Charlie Munger does not like you.Walk softly...

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