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No School After June: Market Predictions

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

June is the reminder that the school year is rapidly winding down.Anyone with a memory can recall the euphoric feeling when the last bell rings in the corridor.Days of fun ensue as endless hours are spent outdoors with the sound of crickets in the distance.I now live vicariously through my young daughter who loves every second of the Summer.Trading in my own account with no boss hovering over me presents interesting decisions during Summer Break.Do I go to the park or make another trade to fill the coffers? In the past it was not hard to decide when glancing at my little Four year old girl who did not care if Apple - AAPL - went up or down.It was off to the park as the smile would not leave her face all day.Although now in 2014 I am faced with a more difficult decision as the trading business enters its sixth year of operation.The first five year plan went exceedingly well after starting in the embers of the 2008-2009 collapse.The second five year plan will be more complex as new levels need to be reached.This trading environment now looks more dangerous as the low hanging fruit has been plucked in the Market orchard.A part of me says take the summer off,have fun with the family,and recharge the trading batteries for another 15-20 years.The other side says stay vigilant for any sight of a Market Black Swan.The answer to this dilemma of the Summer of 2014 may hinge upon Market Predictions read in Seeking Alpha articles.Those can be read on the beach,in the park,or waiting in line for a carnival ride.The smile on a young daughter's face depends on it.

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