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Obama Should Let U.S.Coal Heat Europe

Somewhere in the hills of Appalachia, an old man remembers the heyday of American Coal.Jobs were dangerous but plentiful with a future that seemed endless.Sons and grandsons were groomed to one day take their place in the mine hierarchy.Overtime was available and with strategic planning one could retire early on their own plot of land.Then a political shift occurred changing the coal landscape forever.Environmental groups attacked it as " dirty " and mines were closed down and jobs disappeared.Fast forward to today where Europe is held hostage to political winds that may shut off or reduce the flow of natural gas this winter.President Obama has the power in his hands to help Europe stay warm this winter.Back-hoe operators,truck drivers, and mine personnel could be put back to work to start the coal flow to Europe.Never should one region of the world be held hostage to the political bickering that goes on constantly.Putting people back to work and keeping allies warm must be priority number one.With the largest reserve of Coal in the world the U.S.A. should lead the way for this coming Winter.On a rocking chair high up in the hills of Appalachia the old man nods his head in approval.