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Predictions For Gasoline Prices

On Thursday as millions sit down in the U.S.for a holiday dinner OPEC meets in Vienna.At this meeting oil countries will discuss export cuts and what to do about low barrel prices.Robert Hardy of the Geostrat writes " Unless they were to agree to a cut of 8 to 10 percent,it would have virtually no effect on prices". Even if they cut Russia,Canada,and the U.S.A. will have to follow suit in cutting production.Seems like a long shot at the moment especially with Russia teetering on the edge of Recession.The economies of Canada and U.S. are not quite strong enough yet to withstand less revenue.So we have a very interesting play coming up on the grand playing field of global finance.Something game changing may occur on Thanksgiving Day.I would keep one eye on the big game and another on Vienna.The playbook could be getting a huge overhaul in the Oil game.