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Have A Great 2015

Every year always comes to an end and so does a Bull Market.Will 2015 be the year that the fun fades and the sun disappears behind a dark cloud.On January first each year I sit down to contemplate the upcoming trading season.Tomorrow will be a hard look at strategy and positioning in a Market that no one knows what will happen for the future.I started in October of 2008 where every trader wondered daily if the Market would ever stop going down.Today over six years later,traders now start to think of the time when the tide will turn on the Bulls and present a more difficult environment for equities.As the night's festivities hurtle towards a new year one needs to remind themselves that 2015 may turn into a quagmire.Difficult decisions will be made on what approach is suitable for this trading paradigm.Every year presents challenges, so will 2015 be the one that changes the pattern,only time will tell.Have a great year and I look forward to whatever lies ahead.