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Tall Hat,No Cattle

|Includes: Facebook (FB)

Many dream when purchasing a Lottery ticket of what to do after they win the big prize.Buy a big house in the middle of nowhere away from maddening crowds.Maybe a boat,cars,or many other toys only the mind can dream up.The only thing that is needed is a winning ticket that will make this fantasy come true.Last November the Republican Party won the Lottery with control of the House,the Senate,and of course the Presidency.A laundry list of achievements should already have been written down on piece of paper raring to go in January.Last week one of their crowning accomplishments went off the tracks into a ball of flames down a steep ravine.The 2017 Healthcare Plan could not muster enough votes even though the Republicans are in the Majority.All these years cursing Obamacare and nobody had a plan to replace it.Watch the Stock Market closely because once Wall Street figures out this disfunction will linger on the Trump Rally will go down like a lead balloon.The canary in the Coal mine will be Facebook $FB in my humble opinion because things high in the air come down eventually.A golden opportunity was wasted by the men who talked big but came up short in the end.