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Time To Load Up On Tesla


TM quality control is improving, customer satisfaction highest in industry.

Model S is dominating sales in its class.

The Gigafactory appears to be on schedule.

The Model 3 is coming, without much competition.

Short interest is at an all-time high.

Many forces are joining to make this a make-or-break year for TM. There probably will be varying degrees of success for each of them, but the aggregate result for TM will likely be positive.

Some things to consider for anyone shorting the stock;

1) As predicted, TM quality control has improved.

2) Consumer Reports is back on board with TM. Customer satisfaction is the highest in the industry


3) The Model S is dominating the luxery sedan class in US sales. BMW, Audi, and Mercedes aren't even close.

4) The Gigafactory is showing rapid progress

5) The Model III appears to be on schedule for late 2017. And what if it's late? Here's why it won't matter much.

6) The Chevy Bolt, after much fanfare as a "Tesla Killer," is exposed as merely another compliance car.

7) TMs "super shingles" have the potential to revolutionize the solar industry.

8) Tesla Powerwall outshines the competition

Despite all of these positives, short interest in Tesla is at an all-time high: Any positive news is likely to cause a squeeze.

Look out below, shorts!

Disclosure: I am/we are long TESLA.

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