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Update On Exeter Resource Corp.

|Includes: Exeter Resource Corporation (XRA)

The daily chart below indicates the current situation with regards to Exeter Resource Corp. (NYSEMKT:XRA). The stop of 0.74, indicated in the original report was hit and so we are out on the side‑lines. XRA continued on down from the 0.74 level and now rests between a resistance area of 0.74 and the potential capitulation low of 0.62.

For XRA to continue to sub-divide higher, it can not go any lower than 0.62. Note that this is not a prediction. It is one of the requirements for our model detailed in the original report.

If XRA penetrates the 0.62 level, it would then be sub-dividing lower, not higher and would therefore invalidate one of the conditions of the model that are needed for a significant bull or retracement move.

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The entire sector (represented by GDX and GDXJ) is under pressure.

The following gold/silver mining stocks (that we track) have already reached a new low for the year: AEM, AUQ, CDE, NEM, NGD, PAAS, and SSRI.

With so many in the sector moving to new lows, there is a potential that XRA will do so as well. This situation is being monitored on a daily basis and there will either be an Instablog update or a new report submitted for publication as conditions change.


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