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Foreclosure fraud, Wells Fargo and the Massachusetts S. Ct; and State Attorneys General

The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling disfavoring fraudulent foreclosure activities by lenders such as Wells Fargo is fantastic news!  Wells Fargo is IRREFUTABLY engaged in real estate racketeering along with certain foreclosure mills, and so are various other lenders.

In fact, prior to Attorney General Tom Miller’s “deal” with lenders who deliberately engage in  foreclosure fraud, some people definitely should have been jailed.  

But American consumers will remain hopelessly victimized by consumer fraud without intervention from all State Attorneys General.  Still, lack of ample concrete facts and evidence can leave law enforcers with little choice except to “deal” (like plea bargain?).  Lawmakers, news media, and particularly investigative reporters who put their safety on the line, are not solely responsible for a better America.                                                                                                                                    

Instead of hope and / or demand that out-of-control judicial & political systems somehow right itself, Americans need to DO our part –or at least weigh what IS our part.  Pro-action accomplishes better results than (notwithstanding any justification) posting commiserating statements or angry Internet comments about the mortgage crisis. 

The petition to the Congressional Foreclosure Panel gives specific details and illustrations about foreclosure frauds.  Similar to illegal acts described in that petition, information from the public (consumers) will go a long way in helping lawmakers to curtail and prosecute foreclosure fraud.  Particularly in light of the few grounds for successfully opposing foreclosures, consumer complaints to AG’s works better than homeowners copying / purchasing various materials from the Internet for fighting foreclosure illegalities. 

Hopefully people continue signing and sharing the petition; and hopefully consumers will consider heaping upon offices of Attorneys General, information / evidence about foreclosure-judicial wrongdoing. *Read More>> “Commentary on: “Emerging Battleground on Mortgage Abuses: Foreclosure Mills”