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Lawyers and Mortgage Companies’ Foreclosure Shams; 1099-A Fraud on the IRS

A grossly overlooked factor of the Foreclosure Crisis is the reality of NON-LEGAL FORECLOSURES being filed deliberately in courtrooms for purposes such as filing with the Internal Revenue form 1099-A's which are FALSE. (*1099-A's enable mortgage companies to receive just or unjust tax advantages)For reasons such as these, it is not hard to see why certain mortgage companies are not too interested in making mortgage loan modifications which are fair.

Ongoing news reports throughout the USA about courtroom judges who are dismissing foreclosure cases (filed purportedly on behalf of foreclosure plaintiffs) because of "lack of standing" (no proof of owning the note) is NOT always a coincidence, NOR AN INNOCENT MISTAKE.   Far too many lawyers are doing it deliberately -in collusion with mortgage companies, and escaping  scrutiny from most judges --until now.

A thorough FEDERAL investigation of false 1099-A's that have been filed with the IRS by mortgage companies such as WELLS FARGO, BANK, NA, will expose the various aspects of the silent White Collar collusion within real estate & foreclosure fraud that has been carried out for years!   Likely, the true revelation of this crime will expose another S&L mess!   For Prima Facie proof of Wells Fargo, Lehman Brother collusion with unscrupulous lawyers to cheat homeowners and the IRS, see:


Also, when those attorneys deliberately file false foreclosures naming defunct mortgage companies, or companies which no longer hold the notes, they often ILLEGALLY affix Collection Fees far exceeding "Acceleration Clauses."  As such, it becomes even harder for people to recover their properties.   Even worse, those property owners become [unlawfully] evicted despite that they never lawfully lost ownership of their properties!!  (Hence, manifest exposure of false 1099-A’s.)  If property owners sue for "Unfair Debt Collection Practices," collectors make more even $$$$ through protracted litigations --which Wall Street Investors often incur the legal tab!!  Thus, Investors, as well as homeowners loose while White Collar crime rages!!  Additionally, some collectors file in Bankruptcy Court falsified motions to "Lift Stay" pleadings for purposes of accomplishing SIMULATED AUCTIONS of illegally foreclosed properties.

Please pass along this statement.  Hopefully, it will reach Congress and all State Attorney Generals so that finally probes will be launched.  More than adequate CASE STUDY / PROOF / EXAMPLES of how mortgage companies  (are successful and welcomed to) accomplish the above-described frauds in INFAMOUS LOUISIANA is fully exposed with court pleadings, transcripts, and documents @

Barbara Ann Jackson (Hurricane Katrina-displaced from New Orleans)
Law & Grace, Inc
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