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Here's Is A Few Stocks Under $6.00 A Share Doing Their Earnings Releases Over The Next Two Months

Jul. 11, 2013 2:21 AM ETSBET1 Comment
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Here's is a few Stocks Under $6.00 a share doing their Earnings Releases over the Next Two Months

By Steven C. Allen

Allen's Business and Trading Solutions my URL is TraderSolutions.info


These Stocks below are currently showing a profit, according to public financial information.


The summer Earnings season is on us again, July is also the fourth best month of the year for the stock market. If you go back several years looking at June the market has sold off. June is known as the half-way point for the trading year. There are not many companies that do their earnings in June and the market doesn't have much going for it in June otherwise. Negative news will easily drive the market lower as it did last month this is why June often turns bearish for the overall market. June is a good time of the year for traders to reconsider their profitable positions and take their profits, go on vacation, then get ready for the rest of the year. As we all know this June 2013 as it panned out was a rough wild ride. The markets sold off considerably leading up to and after the news coming from the Fed meeting. As expected the the Fed conference confirmed that sentiment. When the Fed moved ahead with its warning that it was going to start slowing their stimulus buying of bonds down in the near future, it sent the market lower. And with a few other negative reports, the market was driven to its lowest downturn since last June 2012.

My perspective on earnings is unique; traders buy stocks for many reasons. I look for profitable Companies coming up to something that all publically traded companies have to do, whether they want to or not, that is their quarterly earnings reports. Using technical analylis the chartist can see movement in the stock charts for companies coming up on their earnings ahead of time before any news comes out about stock. The chart shows what stocks are doing well or what stocks are doing badly, good charts show the current trend of companies that have cut costs, making a profit from a greater amount of sales, or more business. These companies are going to have a good earnings report. Or if a companies earnings are not going good, the stock chart will show and the stock will sell off or just roll sideways. The word gets out, the chart pattern shows ahead of time something is going to happen; the (trend is your friend.) As a trader looking at future earnings releases I want to get in the way or out of the way of these upcoming events. I look at past performance, the information on financial past reports, old earnings news, high volume trading days, then what news or speculation is causing the stock to move, up, down or sideways and some news is going to leak out.

Most good traders that I know don't buy stocks because they love them, they want to make an investment and make a profit from that investment then sell the stock and move on, all with-in a few days and looking for another stock to trade that is moving waves, waking up, making its move. There are always new companies coming up on their earnings releases every month.

Companies that I have on this watch list are for July and August earnings releases. Ranging from $1.50 to $5.50 this is a list of Stocks that will be doing their earnings reports within the next month and a half. The first few I will list are Companies that have shown positive earnings in the recent past, these profitable companies are listed first and their stock price is still very low. Some have a good amount of Institutional ownership, which is their foundation. Companies, who have not announced their earnings date yet, are good for a pop in the stock price when they do announce their earnings release date. Looking at some of the earnings announcements by companies over the last few days they have had positive movement on those days.

Currently I am long MTSL, I 'am not a Stock Broker or in the Financial Industry, I make no claims except to say that I buy and sell stocks on occation. Do your own homework on these stocks listed below before you consider buying them.

These Stocks below are currently showing a profit, according to public financial information.


These Stocks below are currently showing a loss, according to public financial information.


Amkor Technologies Inc. (AMKR) Electronics, Earnings date is unscheduled, sometime between 22nd to the 26th. Of July. earnings have been positive and they have been beating EPS estimates the last two quarters. Earnings estimates are at plus .13 a share and last year they recorded plus .15 cents a share. As of this posting they have not declared their earnings date yet. Other companies who have reported the stock usually gets some positive buying on the announcement.

Ameriserv Finl Inc. Cap Tr. (ASRV) Banking, Earnings date is not set yet sometime from July 15th, to July 22nd. 2013 Price is at $3.01 chart is in a sideways pattern on low volume. It has been in a few articles as of late.

Audiocodes, LTD, (AUDC) Telecommunications, Earnings date is upcoming set for July 30th 2013 bottom line looks to be getting better this year. Earnings are expected to be around plus $.02 this quarter, a year ago it was minus $.04 last year in July 2012. The current price is $4.54, I started tracking it on 06-24-2013 and the price was $4.08 a share. Its chart has been in an upswing since April 12th when the open was $3.25. It has beaten its earnings estimates the last three quarters. (AUCD) is almost at its 52 week high.

Ambassodors Group (EPAX) Diversified Services: $3.32 Earnings date July 24th 2013

Harvest Natural Recourses (HNR) Energy: Had been profitable for quite some time, it had a bad quarter back three quarters ago. It was hammered and found its bottom June fourth on earnings info. Earnings are set for August 5th 2013. Last year earnings release was August 9th 2012, earnings where plus $.29 a share. Being in the energy business summer is good time of the year for energy companies, and often to show a good profit. Its chart is showing a positive story with its up trending stock price, even recently with news that wasn't so comforting, it shuddered and continued upward.

KCG holdings (KCG) Financial Services: Tracking since 06-21-2013 at $3.70 now at $11.31 Darn miss this one I hope you didn't. The News I read is on that it merged with another Company?

Lightpath Technologies Inc. (LPTH) Electronics: continues to have risen in price with a nice steady chart as it stair steps its way on up and go higher. LPTH had positive earnings on May 2nd 2013 of plus .02 cents a share. An increase from last year of minus -.05 a share. Zacks put a strong buy on back on June 26th 2013. Next earnings date will be late in August or first week in Sept.

Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd (MTSL) Telecommunications: The earnings the release is still un-scheduled sometime around the 12th to the 15th of August 2013, price currently is at $1.76 as of today. I like when companies are proactive and make positive news announcements about their stock, other than (when companies are quiet about their business and don't put out fresh news, no new news is bad news). When Companies are thrilled about their current business and profits this will draw other buyers to their stock. Movement had started in the stock chart before these articles were published. One of the many recent news articles added as one of four stocks in this low price range that continue to show a profit, meaning over sold. Cross that with other news that announced about their annual shareholders meeting that it will be held on August 7th 2013, (to me the stock is getting ready for an earnings run) the stock has been consolidating the last few days after this news report. Last quarter had a few positive articles written about it and its stock went up to its high in March of $5.31 before starting its downward correction during it stocks quiet period. In May 2013 posted plus $ .07 earnings per share. August of 2012 it posted plus $.10 per share. When announced its shareholders meetings on June 24th 2013 for August 7th 2013 the stocked moved on heavier than normal volume with this business news. The top Institutional holders have about tripled their investment on that is one thing I look at before buying a stock. If Institutional ownership is losing money on their investment, and are not happy with its performance if they start selling their holdings the stock price will drop heavily losing a good portion of the stocks support.

MSN Emerald Radio Corp. Telecommunications (MSN) $1.78 has been profitable and posting positive earnings for quite some time, has two earnings dates comming up, July 11th and in August. Earning's for August is scheduled sometime between August 11th and the 13th 2013. MSN broke out July first and is now in accumulation, finishing high at the end of the day. Looking at other radio companies their earnings normally good and will drive the stocks upward.

Stanley Furniture Co. Inc. (OTC:STLY) Consumer Goods: $3.93 Earnings date around July 15th 2013 I have been tracking the stock since May 23rd 2013 doesn't seem move much. Stanley Furniture maybe out of season.

Zagg Inc (ZAGG) Specialty Retail: $5.51 Earnings around August 8th 2013 has been profitable for quite a while. Last August 2012 showed a profit per share of $.18 cents. Estimates for this August are $.13

Arch Coal Inc. (ACI) tracking Date 06-24-2013 $3.64 now at $3.96 Earnings date set for July 30th 2013 estimated to be minus $-.33 a share. Another Company that Stock popped on the earnings announcement. Over the past few weeks it has been getting good news.

Aware Inc. (AWRE) tracking since 06-24-2013 at $4.87 today at $5.24, broke out on 07-28-2013 with increasing volume, above average volume, Price above the 20 day high.

Dyax Corporation (DYAX) has been on my watch list since June 21st. DYAX is coming up on its next Earnings report sometime after the July 18th to the 26th 2013 apparently they haven't announced their earnings date yet. DYAX stock continues to climb higher.

The Stocks that I mention in this article, is forward-looking, based on Companies doing their earnings releases, stock holder meetings, or other announcements within the next month and a half. Positioning a few weeks before the earnings report is released. These stocks involve risks and uncertainties including but not limited to the risks in trading them. Timing is everything in these stocks; these stocks have a small float and can move with velocity up and down, and buying should be on support, and the selling at resistance, the opposite for shorting them after their Earnings announcement. While observing these small cap stocks closely, look at the fundamentals, technical indicators and the news coming out on them for a logical reason that these Companies stock should move out of their current support.

If a trader looks closely at these low prices stocks listed in this watch list they will be surprised at how many profitable companies there are ranging under six dollars a share that have achieved profitability, if they haven't reached profitability many are moving towards it. A lot of companies have become lean and are paying off their debts created in the good old days of over exuberance. Remember that over last six years has been the age of cheap money for publically traded companies, a gift from the Federal Reserve stimulus packages, pumping money into the markets creating lower interest rates. Earnings are getting better quarter after quarter for many companies, which is a good sign.

Earnings season is here, it's time to go bottom fishing, look at these stocks listed above to add them to your July and August watch list. Remember earnings watch lists are for up and coming stocks that have about a month and half to go be before reporting their EPS. These Companies that have a small float with small market cap of under a billion shares. If they have over a billion shares consider this weight. Stocks with a billion shares or more that have fallen into this price range have fallen under five dollars a share for a good reason, and having a billion shares makes them even more over weighted, causing the stock price movement to be encumbered. Stocks under a Billion shares have movement for the slightest reason showing up on their stock chart small float makes for bigger price movement.

Disclosure: I am long MTSL. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: If you wish to edit this article you can or send me a e-mail and I will correct or add. Thanks Steven

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