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Mongolia ETF is on the way

Van Eck Global filed today to market a Mongolia ETF. The ETF will hold at least 80 % of its assets in companies that primarily do business in or are based in Mongolia. I predicted a while back that someone would eventually see the benefit in doing this. This is another vehicle that an investor will be able to use to invest in Mongolia and would probably be appropriate for the average investor looking to diversify and who cannot do the necessary research or accept the risk inherent in investing in a frontier market. I think a more aggressive investor can do better by investing directly in Mongolia. I highlight several of these options in my Actionable Intelligence Alert. This is the beginning of the flow of western money into Mongolia. Readers will recall that Mongolia has a GDP or $6.5 billion and a population of around three million. What happens as you try and stuff western investors money into such a small market? Asset bubbles, get there before the crowd.