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Cambodia Stock Exchange Begins Trading


The 25th floor Trading Room is the size of a school classroom, with cubicles and computers for the deal-makers - but the day before the launch, it was deserted as usual.

From now on, however, that should change.

"This is the real start of the market," says Morten Kvammen, the director of SBI Royal Securities, one of a small number of licensed brokers in Cambodia.

"There have been ceremonies, the opening of the exchange building and the launch of the systems. But this the first day of real trading on the exchange."

"There's been a lot of interest - both from foreign institutions, and a lot of individual investors - many of them local, but also some of them from overseas," he adds.

There is only one security trading and that is 15% of state owned Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority. It appears from the article that foreign individuals were trading this security. However up to this point I have not had much success opening an account or even getting brokerages to respond to my inquires. I will of course continue as I see Cambodia as an excellent opportunity over the coming years.