Dean Scheu : How To Become A Smart Investor

Aug. 09, 2013 2:58 AM ET
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Dean Scheu was born in Texas,USA in 1960. He was grown up in the north suburbs in the town of Wlimette. A standout out singer and athlete in high School, Dean Scheu transcend in Football, Baseball, and Tennis. Dean Scheu did his schooling from Texas high school where he was a finalist for Mr. Football. He also served as a graduate assistant on the football team while in school. Dean Scheu moved to New York to pursue his graduation. He enrolled in the graduate college where he earned his graduation in Business and Economics. Dean Scheu has done advanced course in Stock market after completed his graduation he traveled to Texas and spent some months in a firm where he worked as a Financial Consultant. Also notably, Dean Scheu worked three months as a Busines Analyst. In 1992, Dean Scheu moved back to his town Texas and enrolled his post graduation from Texas Business School. He specialized in developing markets. Dean Share knows how to trade in stock market and when shares are selling and buying Dean Scheu likes to watch action movies. Dean Scheu is a simple man who always wants to go forward through his hard and smart labor. Dean Scheu lives with his wife and one son in Alaska.

We all want to make good money, but most of us don't know how we can do that. The best way to make good money is investment. If you invest your money at right places, you can make huge cash in future.

We are writing this article for you after consulting with a financial advisor Dean Scheu in order to help you become a smart investor.

Real Estate Projects-

As per Dean Scheu, real estate industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Prices of real estate projects are surging up with a very fast pace. So, investment in these projects can be very much beneficial. However, you will need to be a little cautious when you decide to invest in a project. Do a proper research about the business history of the developer before investing in his project. This is must because if you invest in a project that is being handled by a developer with bad history, you might have to even struggle for getting your own money.

Buy Properties-

Dean Scheu tells us that the prices of properties are increasing rapidly. A property that you buy today for $ 50,000, you can sell the same after 10 years for $ 5000000. So high return you can not get anywhere else. As per Dean Scheu, you need to be quite careful when you decide to buy a property for you. It is must for you to check one thing before buying a land is that whether the land is disputed or not. If the land is disputed, don't buy the same.

Stock Market-

Dean Scheu tells us that if you want to make investment in stock market, one thing that you need to keep in your account is that you should not invest in a company that does not have good credibility in the market. The wrong selection of company might be a self killing step because a company with not very good reputation might loose prices of its shares at any time of the day, so chances are high that you will loose your money. So, the best thing is invest in a reputed company and sell your shares when you see prices are very high.

Small Business-

This can really be the smartest way to invest your money because if you invest in a small business and you succeed in your business, you will be able to make huge return on your investments. Dean Scheu says that before setting up a small business, collect information about the business and its management. This is because a wrong step can be dangerous for your investment.

Surely, these ideas of Dean Scheu can be very much helpful for you to make smart decision about your money. So, do think minimum once about these ideas before taking any decision about investing your hard earned money.

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