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Soane, Serbs, and Stocks

|Includes: POSCO (PKX)

My husband commented on the Serbian parliamentary apology for the 1995 slaughter at Srebrenica, the single largest massacre in Europe since the Nazi defeat, in which 8000 Bosniak (Moslem) men and boys were slaughtered.

"It has been a long time coming and still does not address responsibility. The chances of a true accounting are dubious.

"Radovan Karadzic's trial in the The Hague is likely to drag on for years. The other perpetrator, Gen. Radko Mladic, has disappeared completely somewhere in the ephemeral state of Republika Srpska.

NATO peacekeeping troops in the area consistently refused to search seriously for war criminals. They do not wish to get into shooting matches or to disturb the diplomats' political machinations."

My husband, the former New York Times United Nations correspondent, covered the war in ex-Yugoslavia.Oh to be in England now that April's here. It isn't yet, but there is a harbinger of horror: high icy winds, steady rain, drafty windows, wet feet, runny noses. In Scotland and Wales there is snow.

I've caught a cold, perhaps waiting on the line in the drizzle outside the Soane House museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields. There was a mob and the house is small (although it will be expanded if the money-raising going on now succeeds.)

Soane has a message for us all. If you are going to live in the damp and cold, paint your house in cheerful bright colors like turkey red and sun yellow. Build lots of windows, mirrors, and skylights to display properly all the tschotsches you (or a very civilized architect like Sir John Soames) accumulate.

For someone with American misconceptions about what Georgian-colonial houses looked like, the colors are the most striking difference between British and American decor in the turn of the 18th to 19th century. Maybe it was the hot sun of our East Coast summers rather than choice which gave the American houses a pastel palette.

Then we went off to the Greenwich theatre run by our Anglo-Portuguese friend Alice de Sousa for The Cherry Orchard, set in icy Russia. Yet at her entry, Anya talks not about how cold it is in the decaying provincial family mansion, but how cold she was in Paris. And it is there I am going on Good Friday for a few days of escape from the swampy prospect from Mudchute Manor, our London pied-a-terre. From Mudchute to the Marais which means swamp in French...

Visiting my E-trade account reveals that there is yet another update of my 2009 1099 from the on-line brokerage waiting in the mail for me at home in the USA. They must be spending a fortune in postage with these fortnightly missives. I wonder if they still think that leprecauns live in the Caucasus mountains in Georgia? And that Posco is North Korean? With all the new about ships sinking in Korean waters and terrorists from Dagestan maybe even E-trade is learning about the world.

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