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How to succeed : Clouds of confusion for small investors and traders - Light of Hope?

Considering that I found a way to see the direction of market much in advance  some time back, I really pity now the mistakes I made when I was just relying on pure technical indicators despite having been a great news and analysis follower. With every tool one can think of and even properly applied one can still lose it all and most common traders, I will say majority of NEW traders and investors end up losing their portfolios sooner or later.

It is like the lamb in slaughterhouse that is enjoying watching the show but since there is a long line of others the lamb believes that its life is secure for his inner security. Little does the lamb know that his inner security is merely a powerful inspiration to keep alive but someone around knows that his chronology will have an end soon.

There is so much information, in fact extreme information that has never been available before, and there are extremely good educational tools but do all those really matter?
Anyone can notice that most people give up after continual losses and only few brave ones have guts to get up and give another try. Those who keep persisting and still can manage not to lose even part of their portfolio have some chance of survival.

The point I want to make is that despite all tools, education, practice and real time learning many people could still lose even when they are told the direction and provided clear indicators.
I may sound negative but I am in fact warning to all those who are not equipped, to know, that despite having been absolutely successful with your other careers, financial market success is not subject to your other worldly success. It is a highly specialized world and it requires great preparation, real time hands on experience with zeal and dedication to succeed.

Just by reading a few books, attending a few awesome sounding seminars, visiting some great informative sites or watching a great business news channel and of course subscribing to thousand newsletters is not the best way to success in markets.

You have to think out of line, out of crowd and you have to learn how the real traders work or you could develop your own fool proof system as per your abilities, understanding or bias.

There are many ways to travel and the idea is to travel safely and not be crashed or robbed in the way.
It does not matter your mode of transport if it leads you to the destination you are through.

I wish all success to all people working in these volatile markets.
I help many day traders as I took that as a challenge and despite at times giving absolutely clear signals many people still fail and there are others who just need a little hint and they succeed. This is however not mysterious because we have all some positive points and some negative points. We can also call it a timing or destiny but we can change our destiny by learning from our mistakes.
It is important to focus on our weak and negative points and work on them in real time.
If you start making some gains do not be complacent.
It is a constant learning process. If you focus, dedicate and take it seriously with discipline you will make it!

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