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Very Rare Opportunity, Discounted Research


I have been busier the past six months then any time in my 20-year plus professional career.

All my work has reinforced my confidence in the existing opportunity.

To get more exposure at a potentially historic inflection point, I am offering discounted research.

This is going to be a very brief post that ultimately is marketing my research services, which is one way I make my living.  If you have no interest in these services, skip ahead and read my public articles, one of which I am very proud of recently, as it chronicles a very unique investment environment, and one of which is on the way and will be published shortly.

I have a 20-year plus professional career now, with some incredible highs, including turning $60,000 in an aggressive account to over $3 million in 2009, and some incredible lows.

Passion for the investment markets has kept me going through the ups, and downs, and today, I believe we are on the cusp of one of the biggest inflection points in modern market history, with almost all investors crowded into the same trades, and a wholesale capitulation occurring over the past several months in certain sectors of the market.

From this position, asset allocation, and security selection are going to be both very important, but at inflection points, a majority of those in charge of asset allocation and security selection are lulled by the same siren songs as everyone else.

For a look at a different research approach, I am offering a 20% discount to membership to "The Contrarian", where we have a live documented history dating back to late 2015, including an updated valuation and price target list for over 103 targeted companies, including several companies that offer upside potential that rivals the best opportunities of late 2008/early 2009, in my opinion.  

If this price point is too high, I am offering a limited time 50% discount to an entry level research service, which will take the entry price to $250 for a first-year look at some of the research we do, both on an asset allocation, and individual security level.  To get this offer, go here, and enter coupon code "june 11".  If interested, this coupon code, which will be good for one-day only, applies to the premium services too.

Reach out with any questions via direct message.  

Via my research services, or another avenue, please do your due diligence, and take advantage of what I believe is a historic inflection point today,


P.S. I will be traveling today, so if you sign up, I will respond tomorrow.

Disclosure: I am/we are long the positions in the contrarian portfolios.

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